Relapse Treatment Program

Relapse Treatment Program is designed for those who either have relapsed or are concerned they may relapse.

It is staffed by relapse prevention professionals who will assist in identifying the core problems that have triggered relapse and will work with the alcoholics and addicts to create a recovery plan designed to facilitate lasting sobriety.

The dedicated treatment team consists of medical professionals, psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, spiritual care counselors, dietitians and physical fitness trainers.

An ARC clinical psychologist will often be part of the assessment and treatment team, helping with the development of a treatment plan specifically tailored for the patient’s individual needs.

Many relapse patients are burdened with co-occurring conditions, such as depression or anxiety.

The ARC relapse team is specifically trained in methods that will help the patient explore core issues that may have led to relapse.

ARC Relapse Treatment Program is appropriate for women & men who:

  • Have sustained a significant period of sobriety and relapsed
  • Have experienced a significant life event that led to relapse
  • Are afraid that they may relapse
  • Are aware of relapse triggers and want an effective relapse prevention plan