Our Testimonials

ARC provides solid 12 Step based alcohol and other drug abuse treatment in a beautiful rural mountain setting about 40 minutes drive from Chiang Mai. ARC offers very affordable good value care. It helped me to get sober. Keith and Pete are caring, skilled and sincere about helping people.

– Jane, Chiang Mai, Thailand

This is an authentic and affordable rehab center teaching with effectiveness how to be true with ourselves and genuine in our dealings with others. There is a non-complacent and greathearted team able to provide the best chance of success.

– Olivier Boiselle

ARC was the best place for me to be when I arrived there, and I was very lucky to find it. My life was out of control, and I could not stop drinking and getting high on my own. I was a little suspicious when I saw the low price, but Peter came out to visit it me at my hotel in Chiang Mai. I realized right away that he understood my situation, and that his intention was to help as best as he could. I ended up staying at ARC for two months, and have been sober ever since. I made good friends in the program locally when we went out to meetings, and decided to stay in the Chiang Mai area after I left the Center. I had been to other rehab centers in the United States before winding up at ARC. For this reason I knew what had worked in the past, and felt good about the way ARC was structured. We looked at the destruction our using had created, and worked on a plan for how to stay sober once we went back out into the world. We got a good introduction (or review in my case) to the first three steps of AA’s twelve steps, and did plenty of written assignments with peer review to make sure we developed an understanding. The price of ARC was essential for me getting help, but it is a good place to be even if you can afford something else. Having people who have lived through alcoholism and addiction and made it out on site everyday makes all the difference. Looking at yourself and realizing your situation is not so unique is comforting. Learning how to live without using drugs or alcohol to face life is what I was looking for, and I am grateful that I was able to stay at ARC when I was at my lowest point. My time there has given me the opportunity to start over, and gave me tools to remain sober. I would recommend this program to anyone who is struggling.

– Mick C. from USA

Peter has been an inspiration and great role model to me during my personal recovery from Addiction. A.R.C. “Counsellors practise what they preach and live the 12 Step Treatment Model they teach”. Keep up the great work guys, I am so grateful for your help and support!

– Kevin Collins

I am now in a position to refer myself as a ‘recovering’ alcoholic or an alcoholic in ‘recovery’ rather than an alcoholic because of the excellent treatment and help I received over the course of the months I spent at ARC. Admitting I had a problem was my first step……..then clearing my body of alcohol was the next……..after that my mind was set on recovery and being able to enjoy life just as most people do…….I knew this would take some time and a lot of help. After looking at various options for rehab ARC was the most attractive to me not only was it completely out of my existing environment it was also affordable and seemed comprehensive. I made contact and was helped from that very moment……..I made the right choice and would encourage anyone to do the same……..if anyone were to ask me to sum up my experience at ARC I would say ‘it does exactly what it says on the tin’ the attitude is very much ‘you will get better’ and that’s what has happened to me. I would not hesitate for one moment to recommend ARC to anyone suffering in the way I did. I owe them a great deal.

– Jacko, London