Rehabilitation aftercare

Aftercare Ensures Your Success

Our years of experience assisting people in successful treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Where inpatient rehabilitation provides the opportunity for a complete and total break from one’s environment and the people and situation that often trigger the impulse to abuse alcohol and drugs, returning to normal life provides the opportunity to test one’s resolve in leading a happier, healthier life.

As the pattern of addition is a powerful thing, the reality is that there will be situations when the addict in recovery is tempted to use again. Of primary importance is the development of the awareness of the emotions that underlie “temptation”, and new coping strategies to be able to choose something different. In this crucial stage of recovery, it is important to have as many resources as possible to pull strength from in times of need.

Personalised Aftercare To Suit Your Needs

As we are only too aware of the unique needs and make up of each individual, a personalised system of aftercare will be constructed to suit your needs.

Aftercare may consist of:

  • Ongoing therapy, either with a member of our team over Skype or a recommended locally trained professional
  • Participation is support groups such as AA or NA
  • Guided participation in new hobbies, charity and/or voluntary work.

Follow Up Visits To The Addiction Rehab Center

Some clients find it helpful to return to their normal lives for some months, and then return for a short period for follow up periods of inpatient rehabilitation in Thailand. This “stepping stone” approach can be helpful to provide deeper opportunities for examining what triggers have been successfully overcome, and where the ongoing opportunities are for personal learning and growth.

How Is Education In Alcohol And Drug Addiction Achieved?

Over the course of rehabilitation at the Addiction Rehab Center, education is achieved through a combination of individual and group counselling, involvement in support groups, mindfulness, educational lectures and video content. This combination of treatment modules provides a wider perspective of addiction, what it is and how one may successfully overcome it.

Maximise Your Chance Of Success – Come To Know Oneself

To know yourself is to maximise your opportunity to achieve permanent rehabilitation from addiction. Every challenge in our lives is an opportunity to learn and grow. Many people have discovered a tremendous sense of confidence, peace, trust and inner security as a result of overcoming addiction.