Drug and Alcohol Education

The Key To Recovering From Addiction Is Education.

Drug and alcohol education focuses on arming you with the information you need to overcome the challenges of addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Understanding And Recognising Addiction

The first step in recovery is to acknowledge that there is a problem. Following the recognition that a pattern of addiction has formed, the next step is to come to understand your enemy – the addiction itself.

The nature of addiction is that often very powerful emotional patterns form that make the addict feel compelled to act out the addictive behaviour. Every time the addict partakes in the substance to which they are addicted, a neurological pathway is strengthened that leads to an increase chance of that person wanting to engage in the addictive behaviour again.

In order to break addiction, the unconscious motivation behind substance abuse and the emotions that underlie it must be brought to the forefront of conscious awareness. With awareness, there is the possibility for change. Therefore generating awareness is the first step to overcoming addiction.

Addiction Education

Education in the nature of addiction, the human mind and the emotions that create behaviour is essential to help the addict to overcome addiction.

The following questions need to be answered in the user’s mind.

  • What is addiction?
  • How did the pattern of addictive behaviour come about?
  • When is the urge to use higher or lower?
  • How do social and peer groups influence one’s behaviour?
  • What are the alternative choices to the use of alcohol and drugs?
  • How would life be as an addict in recovery?
  • What are the resources that can be drawn on to help oneself to remain sober in times of challenge?

How Is Education In Alcohol And Drug Addiction Achieved?

Over the course of rehabilitation at the Addiction Rehab Center, education is achieved through a combination of individual and group counselling, involvement in support groups, mindfulness, educational lectures and video content. This combination of treatment modules provides a wider perspective of addiction, what it is and how one may successfully overcome it.

Is This Education Religious Of Dogmatic In Any Way?

No, our focus is on providing real and practical advice that can help you to make real changes in your life. The treatment is based on decades of experience in helping thousands of clients to overcome the challenges of drug and alcohol addiction.