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Significant Event of the Day – February

The last thing clients do every night is to fill in their ‘Significant Event of the Day’ and drop it in the box. The purpose of this is to get the clients into the habit of self-reflection and cultivation of gratitude.

Here is a random batch of ‘Siggies’ as we call them, to give you an idea about life in a rehab in Thailand.

Mack: 7/2/17 Went to AA meeting with Pete. Good shares. I am a bit disappointed cos I heard my mate in UK had relapsed and he did not tell me. As selfish as this sounds, I am glad it was not me.

Mack: 15/2/17 I can sit here, there or anywhere feeling low, feeling empty- thinking I am at the end of the road, but it’s not that I see nothing there, it’s just that I cannot see what is there YET! How poetic, I could write a book!

Mack: 17/2/17 Last NA meeting in Chiang Mai. Loving recovery, said bye to my mates. See you next year, clean and sober!

Mack: 18/2/17 Nice meeting at ARC. Lee brought me my 6 month chip. Dimitri was emotional. Freedom is a stone throw away! J

Mack: 19/2/17 Overwhelmed with the love and respect I got shown today from peeps wishing me well. Dimitri was a huge help when I was having a crisis finishing my exit plan

Dimitri: 18/2/17 Last meeting at ARC for Mack, it had a great spiritual feel to it. After the meeting we had spaghetti and a movie. I really feel connected to my ARC family and I’m happy this is my home for now. I am grateful that I can feel my emotions again.

Dimitri: 19/2/17 Today, I feel at peace. I recognize my limitations and focus on today. Someone shared at the meeting that they are grateful for parking tickets! Sad to say farewell to my mate Mack. Bon voyage mate

Dimitri: 27/2/17 I was unmanageable today, I didn’t do my morning walk, even though Peter had reminded me. I didn’t wait for Peter and Adam to get back from the hospital and ate lunch early, I blamed Ollie. Some days it is one step forward and two steps back!

Dimitri: 28/2/17 Today, I made progress with my exercising and am back on track with my schedule. It is good having Adam here, he is good company and I have shared a lot about my recovery with him

Adam: 27/2/17 Three days since my last drink. Me and Dimitri had a pretty good conversation about some stuff that we could both relate to. It sort of put me in a good mood afterwards.

Adam: 28/2/17 Going to the gym always gets me anxious about my fitness levels and strength. I haven’t trained for a long time. I was relieved to see that I haven’t gotten too unfit and the exercise helped me to get a good night’s sleep.