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Significant Event of the Day – March 2017

To protect client’s anonymity, we never use surnames

The last thing clients do every night is to fill in their ‘Significant Event of the Day at Addiction Rehab Thailand’ and drop it in the box. The purpose of this is to get the clients into the habit of self-reflection, cultivating gratitude, and to let us counsellors know how they are going.

Since our last blog. Mack and Adam have returned home. They are doing well and both are helping in their family businesses. Mack has interviews for a job in IT. Adam is buying a taxi.

This is our payoff, making a difference J

Here is a random batch of ‘Siggies’ as we call them, to give you an idea about life in a rehab in Thailand.


is battling English at the same time he is battling his addiction.

24th March: I spent a wonderful evening, but above all I ate very well !!!

25th March: I speak to the meeting, and this is very good for my salf !!!

29th March: I realized that spending money for my girl, no good to you. I was covering my ego, I was cleaning my soul dirty. For me I realize this is wellbeing!!!


18th March: Acknowledging some of the triggers that could lead to my drinking. I enjoyed the massage.

19th March: Realizing how poor my memory is. Started the day honestly after telling Dimitri an untruth yesterday. Feeling tired, but I enjoyed the trip to the waterfall.

23rd March: 2 laps of the field. I had a chat with Dimitri, it helped me with my Step One, although a few tears flowed.


18th March: Looking at the pattern of my last relapse in the Triggers Group, the chain of thoughts, feelings and actions.

23rd March: Talking to my mom and telling her things were going good. It made her happy.

29th March: The flashing white light meditation was a really relaxing break in the middle of writing my life story.


18th March: Having a chat with Mike about my future plan put my mind at rest.

23rd March: Glad we have new clients in. I enjoyed helping others. And the trip to Doi Suthep temple.

25th March: As much as I love helping others, I must allow time for my own recovery.


29th March I made it here. I ended this first day here knowing those here with me are who I want to be with. I feel I am in the right place today.

30th March: A one on one with Counsellor Keith, while the others were out at an NA meeting.

31st March: Sharing time with my fellow ARC people outside at an AA meeting and eating together afterwards. A real sense of belonging and acceptance.

A snippet of life at Addiction Rehab Center, the joy and the pain of early recovery.