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New Year, New Life

28 days world class, fully inclusive program, now at $4,250 USD

Our New Year discount is making rehab do-able for more people. We can only provide this reduction for a limited time, so get onboard the recovery train to a brand new life.

The coming New Year is often a point where addicts dream they can make a change, especially when it is still October! This year’s New Year Resolution can become a life changing reality

Addicts repeatedly self-medicate with prescription drugs, illegal drugs or alcohol because it removes unpleasant feelings of stress or anxiety. Action is put off until some point in the future when it will be easier to give up. It often takes the gift of desperation to smash this cycle.

It gives a sense of relief to have a New Year plan (however vague that plan is) to improve your life. The idea that this addiction is going to get even worse next year is too horrific to contemplate.

The truth is that very few people can break the cycle on their own. A fierce determination to get well rises, usually after some calamity, losing a job, a marriage breakup or a disastrous Christmas. “This time I will beat my addiction. I’ll show them/him/her”, failure seems impossible.

Soon the feelings of stress and anxiety return, they demand medication. The demands become too strong, the addict uses, and the cycle begins again. There may be a period of control. The addictive mind switches to thinking he can control his use this time. An addict can never safely control their drug of choice.

Reaching out for help is the positive action that will lead to sustained sobriety. You reach out, we take your hand. It takes courage to pick up the phone or to push the send button. We at ARC cannot give that courage, the addict or their loved one has to find it from that place of despair deep within. We have been at that place, and can testify that from that small act of courage, a brand new life can blossom.

Our goal is to make our program, based on the Minnesota Model, open to as many people as possible. We are constantly looking at ways to lower our prices without losing any of the world class recovery program that has helped so many addicts find contented sobriety.

We are not a luxury spa resort with waitress service and massage therapists available at the click of the fingers. Our aim to lower the ego and raise the self-esteem to a level where we are all equal, and deserving of a life free of addiction.

We encourage clients to keep their villa tidy, to arrive at group therapy and one to one counselling on time and looking clean and presentable. We teach living skills through the power of the group. Clients are encouraged to engage with their peers. Learning to deal with criticism without using drugs is a living skill that MUST be learned. Sometimes this is the first time a client has ever really looked in the mirror.

We absolutely insist upon enjoying life. There is lots of laughter here at ARC, as well as a few tears. We are here with a joke and a shoulder to cry on. Your true feeling will return. What a bonus!

Our job as counsellors is to facilitate the group, but the power is in the group itself. Willingness and progress is encouraged, old ideas and negative behaviors are challenged, but the clients are always supported. This program is about 3 things 1. Change 2. Change and 3. Change, but not necessarily in that order!

We honestly believe that we are offering the most caring and affordable recovery program in Asia. Our reward is to receive postcards or emails from former clients who have rejoined their families as productive and caring members of society. The start for a brand new life in a brand New Year begins with picking up the phone or pushing that send button.

We are disappointed when we hear of treatment facilities putting money before the client’s wellbeing. We will never do that. We have walked in your shoes.