How to overcome addiction and dependancy


Recovery from addiction and dependancy begins with a choice

Drug and alcohol addiction has cost many people their friends, their families, their careers and even their lives. The road to recovery is a process that begins with recognising the signs of substance abuse, acknowledging the long term dangers of abuse and making a choice to take your life back.

For those who have made the choice to overcome addiction, every moment yields a choice and in each choice is the potential for victory or failure. In order for the brain to be retrained in the habit of sobriety, a conscious choice must be made and the addict equipped with the emotional tools needed to overcome addiction and dependancy.

The Addiction Rehabilitation Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand has the personal and professional experience needed in order to help you.

Recovery Stage 1:

Acknowledge the addiction problem

The first step necessary in order to beat addiction, is for the addict to realise that there is an addiction problem. Many people spend years battling with substance abuse before they feel ready for this step. Of particular help in this step is education. In order to build the motivation to change, one must recognise the signs of substance abuse and learn the dangers of long term abuse.

Recovery Stage 2:


The first stage is recovery is abstinence. Abstinence is the complete avoidance of the behaviour you are addicted to. It has been shown that a period of abstinence is most successful when the “triggers” to engage in an addictive behaviour are avoided. Therefore abstinence involves abstaining from contact with other people that you are accustomed to engaging in the addictive behaviour with. This one of the reasons why a period of inpatient rehab is often the best way to increase your chance of success.

Recovery Stage 3:


Depending on the nature of the substance that the individual is addicted to, abstinence may be accompanied by withdrawal. Withdrawal is the process of the body detoxifying from the addictive substance and coming back into it’s natural state of balance. Withdrawal symptoms can range from brief “pangs” (for example, the withdrawal pangs experienced while quitting smoking) through to the quite excruciating pain experienced in heroin withdrawal. The Addiction Rehab Center has the specialist staff and equipment to help you make your period of withdrawal as comfortable as it can be.

Recovery Stage 4:

Rest, Counselling And Re-learning

During the rest stage, the addict in recovery is encouraged to come to a complete state of physical and mental rest. This is a time for self reflection as during this period it is normal for repressed emotions from the past to rise into conscious awareness. The reason for this is that unresolved emotions in personal and family relationships often lie at the root of addictive behaviour.
During this rest period, it is essential to have on-hand access to a highly experienced drug and alcohol addiction counsellor to help in the safe exploration and resolution of troubling emotions. In order to minimise the chance of relapse, new strategies need to be learned for facing conflict. The best way to enable oneself to have this essential period of rest and counselling is in a residential treatment centre.

Recovery Stage 5:

Reintegration Into Society

In this stage, the addict in recover returns to their normal life. During this time, an addict in recovery is most likely to encounter the triggers and people that may be temptations to relapse into the additive behaviour again. Vigilance and support is needed during this time.
In this stage of the path to overcoming addiction, new strategies for dealing with emotion, conflict and temptation will be put to use. In order to maximise the chance of success, this period of recovery should be assisted by ongoing counselling and recovery support.

Recovery Stage 6:


The final stage on the path to overcome addiction is growth. This stage of substance abuse recovery never ends. As the old age says “once an addict, always an addict”. The longer the person in recovery stays on the choice of growth, the more distant the memory of the addictive behaviour will become. As the memory begins to weaken in the brain, the emotional temptation to repeat the behaviour will weaken. Growth is the process of moving from strength to strength in oneself, growing in confidence and self belief. This is the stage at which you have won your life back.

Are You Ready To Make The Change?

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