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ARC (Addiction Rehab Center) was formed to create and maintain a safe, caring and non-judgmental environment in secure accommodation. Addicts, their families and loved ones are all affected by the trauma, dysfunction and despair of substance misuse. Clients explore, recognize and rectify their addiction, allowing long term, sustained recovery.

We wanted to make ARC a competitive rehab to allow other people from all walks of life to attend . First class treatment, without the spas and waiters. The addiction needs to be addressed first, life’s luxuries can follow. Each client needs to learn how to accept life on life’s terms, become responsible for their recovery, and use the 24 hour support system on completion.

We use a holistic, spiritual approach incorporating yoga and relaxation therapy, to help with the mental, physical and spiritual needs of individuals. ARC is committed to equality at all times and does not discriminate against age, gender or creed.

Addiction Counsellor in Thailand

Peter Evans

ARC was set up by Peter who has over 20 years of sobriety and works in the field of addiction. There are several five star luxury treatment centers in Thailand, Peter looked at the things that had helped him stay clean and sober over the years, professional counselling, fellowship with other addicts, connecting with nature etc. and saw the need to build a rehab that had all those attributes but without the big price tag. Silver service addiction treatment is fine, but it wasn’t one of the essentials.

24 hours (mobile)+66-871-459655

Addiction Counsellor in Thailand

Keith Riel

Keith Riel began his career in the fields of mental health and addictions over 17 years ago through the NHS in East London and Essex. He assists clients with addictions, and other mental health issues into recovery by using 12 Step and CBT. Keith has extensive experience in both residential and outpatient. Education includes a Master’s degree with hons, addictions therapist, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) therapist and NVQ 4. With now over 20 years of sobriety he still attends AA and NA meetings to help others through the program and also some alternative treatment plans like NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming).
24 hours (mobile)+66-636-635074

Addiction Counsellor in Chiang Mai

Stevie Burges

Stevie Burges has been following the programme of Alcoholics Anonymous for over 17 years.   She has had many years of experience working alongside alcoholics and addicts and assisting them along the road to recovery.  Her particular area of interest within recovery is co-dependency.   Co-dependency affects our common and individual dilemmas associated with all relationships.  Instead of just surviving life this area of recovery deals with the hope and freedom of recovery.  She has grown into an enthusiastic co-dependent advisor and coach in this vital area of recovery.


Our mission is to provide the very best in structured 12 Step training, which enables individuals to live their lives fully.

ARC offers a life changing structured program of intensive training in the 12 Steps. We offer individuals the ability to maintain daily life free from their problematic past. A program that combines a unique 12 Step lecture system with an activities based and holistic approach to life.

Our staff are in also recovery from these problems and professionally help individuals by sharing their first hand knowledge and experience of how they stay in sobriety, free from the effects of addiction and stress.

We offer a unique whole-person holistic approach as part of a small group. The environment at ARC is unlike anything you will find in the UK, or the rest of Europe. By treating all our clients as individuals, we significantly enhance our high success rate.

ARC is situated in a very private, tranquil and picturesque area of Thailand. It was chosen specifically to be away from population centers and the distractions and strains of everyday life.

People travel from all over Europe, USA, Australia, and the Middle East come to ARC, removing them from the environment where their problems existed. is the beginning of a process of change. Retraining and coaching the character to lead a fulfilling and positive future. We at ARC, are living proof that this program works!