Addiction Rehab Center (ARC) in Thailand is a small tailored treatment center
for all alcoholics and addicts

Our addiction specialists are highly experienced.  We created a programme centered on group therapy, mindfulness and physical fitness training.

Treating addiction is as much about addressing why people become addicted to alcohol, painkillers or illegal drugs as it is about their recovery from their addiction – that is the core of our approach.

ARC promotes CBT and the 12-step method, a philosophy anchored in the belief that true recovery can only start with addicts admitting they need help from others. Abstinence from all potentially addictive substances has always been the cornerstone of our strategy, which is also known as the ‘Minnesota Model’.

ARC also offers:

  • Diagnosis at the local addiction hospital
  • Detox at ARC
  • Daily meditation program
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Excursions to local beauty spots and attractions
  • Daily exercise program
  • Muay Thai gym

Exercise improves your outlook on life

Through regular exercise, clients at ARC experience increased feelings of self-confidence and optimism and reduced feelings of anxiety and depression. This partly has to do with the body adjusting and regulating itself during exercise, but also with feelings of improved self-esteem, confidence and pride as you see your body improve and your targets reached. Clients sense a feeling of accomplishment, and the goal of continued sobriety appears more attainable.

Regular exercise is also shown to improve sleep, give greater energy and zest to life, and enhance feelings of well-being, all this make life much more manageable and enjoyable, especially when shared with fellow addicts. It is often easier to see the improvement in others. Recovery then seems much more possible and sustainable.

Thai Rehab with exercise facilities.
ARC's rehab in Thailand offers a swimming pool on the grounds.

Exercise is meditation in motion

Most people think meditation is something done while sitting cross-legged and perfectly still. Meditation can also be done while walking, cutting the grass or even during vigorous exercises like swimming, rowing or running. Some people like to say that exercise ‘rewires the mind’

Exercise naturally changes your brain chemistry

When you train, your body releases endorphins which create a natural buzz. These endorphins are the same ones your body released while you took drugs and alcohol. Abuse of drugs however, eventually causes an inability to feel the contentment, happiness, and satisfaction they once did. Dedicated physical activity during treatment and recovery will help you reintroduce natural levels of endorphins in your system. This not only helps you feel better, but retrains your body to regulate your own brain chemistry and mood in healthy, natural ways.

Exercise relieves and reduces stress.

Exercise has been proven to alleviate both physical and emotional stress. Tension builds up in our bodies during everyday interactions This tension can come from having poor posture at work or having a row with your spouse. Moving your body relieves this tension, it allows you to remove any negative emotions you have been holding on to. Dedicated exercise uses not only physical energy, but emotional energy as well.

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